Project 1: Part A: Zevo toy boats


You are a group of scientists working for Zevo™ Toy Company a subsidiary of the Carver Media Group. A mysteriously large shipment of discontinued toy boats (which can neither turn nor change speed) has been delivered to Zevo for a classified project. The manuals for the boats have been long lost which is problematic as you have been tasked with determining the speed of these boats as they are going to be shipped out soon as part of the project EverReady. At your disposal, you have a handful of toy boats, a uniformly flowing river of width $W=20\,{\rm m}$ with unknown speed, and your trusty stopwatch.

While you are at the river, you are approached by an anonymous environmentalist group who have asked you if you can figure out the speed of the river for them. You are environmentally conscious and decide to help the group out.

Learning Goals Week 1

Project 1: Part B: Zevo toy boats

Impressed with your skills, the head of the Zevo Simulation Division tasks you with the completion of a “projected trajectory simulator” for the toy boat and river. You are not sure why this would be necessary, but you decide to proceed with the project. This simulator must display the motion of a toy boat crossing the river, with respect to the shore. The previous design team has already done the majority of the work, but they mysteriously disappeared without completing it… The head of the division suggests you complete the project as quickly as possible!

Code for Project 1: Part B
Keep them in the same directory.
Project 1 Code (
PhysUtil Module

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